Saturday, March 29, 2008

WOOHOO! I won!

CocoaDaisy is having a daily drawing for gift certificates and I won a $20 one! Very cool since I wanted one of the add-ons that costs $19.75! Perfect! Since it is not on sale yet (have to wait until April 1), I guess I'll just be drooling over it on the computer!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Day with Dinosaurs and (a losing) LO

Yesterday we went to OMSI to see the dinosaur exhibit. Isaac loved it! So did Erin...she loves to sound like a dinosaur. The joy of having a big brother to teach her things! Isaac's favorites were the "real" dinosaurs. These moved and growled. I kept telling him they weren't real and he would say "I know but they look like it!" He also liked the bones. Erin's favorite was definitely the little stream they had. The normal water table was closed. She loves to dress up so I think part of the reason she liked the water so much was the smock she got to wear!

And since I started this blog so I would have some where to post new creations, I thought I'd actually share one! This is a lo I did to enter in the Simple Scrapbooks contest at CKC Portland in February. Didn't win this year but I like the layout. It will be the first in Erin's first year album! (only a little behind as she is 16 months old!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love Becky Higgins!

I have been a huge BH fan since her first book...1997ish? Now I have even more reason to love her! I made a recipe from her blog tonight and boy did we love it! All 4 of us! She calls it garlic chicken farfalle but we will forever call it "Becky Higgins' Pasta." Here is the link: and the picture from her blog!

OOPS...Let's try again!

That first one didn't work, so here goes again!

Some Easter Pictures

Thought I would try posting some pictures. We went to Tadd's parents for Easter and tried to get a few family pictures. Erin never smiles on command so this is pretty normal. Isaac on the other hand is usually a great picture person but he was in a 4 year-old funk when we took these! Oh well, Tadd and I are smiling!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let's Get This Bloggin' Started!

Wow...I am really going to enter the world of blogging! Hard to believe! I've never been a "dear diary" kind of girl so hopefully I'll keep this sort of current! Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!