Saturday, June 28, 2008

Plethora of Cards!

I have been making cards like crazy! All of them were for various challenges. I did some for the PaperCrafts Gallery Idol too but we aren't allowed to post them anywhere yet!
These first 2 were for a sketch challenge at PaperPopsicles. I decided to do tags since I have a lot of kid b-days coming up this summer!These last 2 did double duty! PaperPopsicles monthly them for June was Color and the last challenge was to make 2 black and white cards. (Loving the monthly theme challenges btw!) I realize that the 2nd one has color...I took a picture before I colored it for PaperPopsicles! The second challenge that these were for was the HeroArts blog where they were doing an inchie challenge. Really had fun with the inchies...hadn't done them before!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're back!

It's pretty late and I'm tired from doing laundry =) so I'm going to keep this short! I just downloaded all our pictures but haven't really had a chance to look through them but here are a few of the family! I'll do some wildlife and scenic ones later!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

One more before vacation!

I thought that I wouldn't post anymore before vacation but here I am! I made this cute little egg box for my friend who just had her 3rd child...1st boy! The eggbox, polkadotstamps, and sentiment stamp are all from PaperTreyInk. Love all of Nichole's ideas! Basically just did what she did on the box! here I "made" the pp with the dot stamps to line the inside of the box. Such a cute idea that Nichole had! =)
This is the cute little stamped sentiment...I bought these stamps just to do this for Sta'Cee! I don't have an oval punch so I cut it by hand. Those are little green gems that really do match the box I painted even though they don't in this picture! =)

I filled the eggs with scrapbooking stuff (blue of course) because Sta'Cee is one of the people I sb with!

This is what she will see when she opens it! Wish I could see her face but it is our 10 year anniversary so we are going out to dinner and Indiana Jones!

Yellowstone...Here We Come!

Well, the countdown is down to 4 days! I can hardly believe that today is Tadd's last day of school! I think the weather has really thrown me for a loop! We usually have at least a few nice days in May and June but this spring has been super cold! We're breaking records almost everyday for how cold it is!

Today I made these activity books for the kids to take on vacation. I know Isaac will use his in the car. I don't think Erin will be able to but I made her one for in the motels and restaurants. I just went through all their color books and activity books and ripped out pages and also printed some out from Crayola! They had great activities. I used Rusty Pickle pp...loved the even says Yellowstone! And the map doesn't have Yellowstone on it but it is totally all the places we went last summer!
Hope you all have a great start of summer! Catch ya when we return from Yellowstone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Masked Bandit! =) & a new SB Store

Last night we were eating dinner and Isaac says "There's a raccoon on Richard's (our neighbor) roof." I say "You mean a squirrel." "NO MOM! A raccoon!" Sure enough, there is a raccoon just hanging out on the neighbor's roof. We think maybe it was scoping out a bird nest in the hedge...the mama bird sat on the fence and was screeching the whole time the raccoon was there! For those of you not familiar with where we is a city of a little over 80,000 right next to Portland. So seeing a raccoon is a little bit of a novelty, especially when it is light out! Isaac thought it was especially cool because raccoons are my favorite animal! Not sure how that happened, but I collected raccoons growing up!

I was browsing the web the other day and found a new (to me!) store in Portland. It is called Collage. My cousin-in-law and I took an "adult field trip" there today and WOW! It is part sb store and part art store. It has a lot of vintage stuff too. I hardly even looked at the actual sb I have a lot of that! =) I did get my first stayz-on ink and copic markers! Can't wait to play! We both got some bamboo tiles that we plan on making necklaces out of. We're sbing on Friday night so hopefully we'll do some then!