Thursday, May 29, 2008

Children's Museum and a Countdown to Yellowstone!

Now that Isaac is out of school...I am trying to keep him busy until Yellowstone. Today we went to The Children's Museum with some friends. They have a new dinosaur exhibit. It is the "year of the dinosaur" in Portland. The_Children's_Museum, OMSI, and even the zoo all have dino exhibits right now. Good timing as Isaac LOVES dinosaurs!

Yesterday we (Isaac and I) were very busy! He made a book of holidays! He drew a picture of every holiday (including his b-day! LOL) and then we made a cover and then I bound it with my BIA! He kept saying "Is it a REAL book? " Funny! I will take pictures but this morning he had to show his dad and he laid it on the bathroom floor and it ruined the cover! So we have to redo that!

Then we made a countdown to Yellowstone because 3 weeks to a 4 year-old doesn't mean much! He kept waking up and asking if we were going today! Didn't think I could handle that for 18 more days! =) I used some very old supplies! Don't even know when I got those little paper doll hikers! Pictures aren't great because I hung it in front of a window!

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