Saturday, July 12, 2008

Necklaces & Matching Shoes

Well, as if I need one more thing to do...I made these necklaces! They are bamboo tiles. The large one, I colored one of my dollar stamps with some copic markers and stamped it. The Hello Kitty, I cut off a piece of pp, glued on and then covered in Paper Glaze! So fun! Been thinking of venturing into the whole etsy shop thing and this is one more thing I could do for it! What do you think? What would you charge for something like this?
And I just love this photo! Erin and I have matching shoes and I couldn't resist taking a picture! Sorry about the glowing white legs...we are in Oregon though! =)


Tricia said...

those necklaces are cute! My dd eyed the Hello Kitty one...
I love the shoes! WOuld make a cutie patootie page!

JoanneK said...

Very cute shoes photo!