Saturday, September 27, 2008

Teddy Bear Parade

This morning was the Teddy Bear Parade! Isaac's preschool had a trailer with all the kids on it! All the moms (and dads) walked behind! It is a cute little parade! Here are some pictures of my little bear!

I haven't posted for a while...there has been a little cold going around the family and it wiped me out this week! I did get to a LSS on Friday to scrap for 6 hours but other than that I have been just kind of useless! Hopefully will feel better this week!

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the whimsical butterfly said...

Love the pics! What a cute parade! Oh and congrats on winning that're awesome! Oh, and...sorry but I tagged you LOL! (details on my blog...don't feel like you have to play along but it's kindaf un!)