Monday, November 17, 2008

One Down, One to Go!

Saturday was my first bazaar of the year! It was a little slow but I still did pretty well. It is always fun to see what others make and see what of mine sells! The things I thought would go well...didn't. And the one thing I wasn't sure of...sold really well! Here are a few pictures of my table!
See anything you just can't live without? I am at another bazaar in NE Portland this Saturday. Leave a comment, and I will be sure to get you the address. Can't make it or live out of town? After Saturday, I am putting all my stock into an etsy store. For those of you not familiar with etsy, it is like a year-round, national bazaar! All hand-made and vintage items. There is nothing in my store right now, because I am taking it to the bazaar, but next week you can see the items at: Thanks for taking a peek!

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missusem said...

How very awesome Lynn!! :) Looking forward to seeing more at your shop :) Good luck at your Bazaar :) Sue