Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some fun giveaways and chances at prizes!

I wanted to share some blogs that I have been frequenting lately. All 3 have been having some great giveaways...mostly from moms who have etsy stores! And even if you don't win anything, you get to see some really fun stuff!
These first 2 have great kid crafts and activities when they aren't doing the fun giveaways!
This one does the most giveaways!

CocoaDaisy, a scrapbook kit club here in Oregon is doing a sort of food drive. The cool thing is, you can donate the food to wherever you want! For every 5 cans, you get your name in a drawing for some great prizes (there are over 50 prizes!). Just take a picture of you donating the food, put your picture in their gallery and let them know how many cans of food you donated. The food drive goes from now until December 20...plenty of time! Here is the blog post with all her information and list of prizes!

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