Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tutorial for A Walk Down Memory Lane

Hello ladies! Today's class makes a great gift for the little girls on your lists! And it is SUPER easy! In fact as I was starting to write it up...I realized there isn't much to it so there is just one picture at the end!

Hair Clips
E6000 adhesive or Hot glue gun

1) Sand the end of you clip a little...this helps the adhesive grip.

2) Adhere the gems or pearls down the center of the butterfly (I did 3) or to the center of the flower. I tried a lot of different adhesives for this and found the adhesive already on the Kaiser gems worked the best! My 2 year old has worn hers 4-5 times and none have fallen off!
3) Glue the butterfly or flower to the end of the clip. The E6000 glue is strong! Your felt won't fall off! It does take 24 hours to dry. I have used the hot glue gun before but have had to restick later!

This picture isn't great...I'll try to get another one when the sun comes up!

Here's my daughter wearing one for her 2nd b-day which was a butterfly party!
That's it! Easy as can be!

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the whimsical butterfly said...

Look at her w/ her clippy in her hair...i LOVE it!