Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's Get Buggy!

I am recovering today from 2 bug parties this weekend for Isaac's 6th birthday! I spent more time in the kitchen this weekend than I think I have all summer! ;) I had promised pictures of "roach soap" in a previous post so I don't want to disappoint! :)
We started with a bug hunt! Tadd hid 45 plastic bugs around the yard...Isaac found 22 of them! The other 4 kids found the rest! (we hope!)
This was pin the spider on the web!The cake for the family party. I made the bugs using instructions from the book Hello, Cupcake! In fact, that is why Isaac "chose" (or maybe was talked in to!) bugs for his party!Cupcakes for the kids party.Boo bugs...I found these in a Halloween cookbook! They were supposed to have potato string legs and antennae but I just ran out of time!Little lady bug crackers and what would a bug party be without ants on a log! Cookie Caterpillars! These were so fun to make!And to drink...Beetle Juice! A few of the kids didn't want ice because they were convinced it was a real bug in the ice cubes! They were jumbo raisins!And as favors for the kids..roach soap! Even one of Tadd's high schoolers asked me if they were real bugs in there! :)
Hope you all had as fun of a weekend as we did! But maybe with a few less creepy crawlies! :)


Deana said...

Such cute food ideas!

Megan said... are too cute! and that beetlejuice is the grossest and cutest thing i have ever heard of. love u

Gina said...

What an awesome the cupcakes! :)
Gina (from Cocoa D)

Julie said...

so awesome!! looks like so much fun!

Ady said...

love all those goodies.