Saturday, March 12, 2011

Speaking of Jillibean Soup...

they are having a design team call and I am throwing my hat in the ring!  This is the first manufacturer call that I have really gone all out...making new projects for it!  Usually I see it at the last minute and just use what I have.  But since Jillibean is a favorite and I follow their blog and on Facebook, I caught the call early!  I wanted to show some of the older Jillibean Soup layouts and projects I have done as well!  I'll show my new layouts when the call is over!

Another Punky Sprouts album.  You can see the whole thing on the Punky blog!

A card I made for the design team was one of 3 I made and they only wanted 2...this one got cut!  Although I still like it! :)

My first layout about a TV show!  This was right after Lost ended and we had done a little party and I made a bunch of "Dharma Initiative" food as decorations!

A double page spread.  This is one of my favorite layouts for the story of it!  This is Isaac with Patty, our Camp Sherman cook!  He's a pretty smart kid but she has had him convinced...for the last 2 years!!!...that the seads he is mixing with water and putting by the fire really do cook into bread!  The resulting bread looks an awful lot like leftover hot dog buns, muffins and bagels! :)

A Christmas card made with not Christmas paper!  I love doing that!  And it also has Glimmer of my favorite things to do!

 A super simple layout of some not great photos of Erin who had to get up on the table to clean because she couldn't reach the middle!  I know it's not a perfect layout or pictures but the story is precious!

 One of my favorite things to make with cards!  I love tucking them into gifts or Isaac's lunchbox! 

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Anonymous said...

It's scary how good you are at this. I stand in awe. :)