Friday, November 18, 2011

Rainbow Mobile

This is without a doubt, my new favorite party decoration!  It was easy, cheap and made a big impact!  I told Tadd that we may see these for every party we ever have! :)  While these are rainbow to go with Erin's rainbow party, you could easily use any color!  How about a maroon and gold one for a Harry Potter party (Gryffindor colors)?  Or lots of shades of pink for a princess party?  Red and green for Christmas?  I could go on and on!

Here's just a little tutorial in case you want to make your own!  I found these on Pinterest and here is the tutorial I used! :)

 First gather your paper.  I used cardstock.  I cut mine into 1" x 8" strips.  I found it easiest to have them laid out in piles when I was putting them together.  I used 8 strips of paper for my shortest mobile and 30 for my longest.  Just depends on how low you want them to hang.

Now, we sew!  As my friends can tell you, my sewing projects don't always go exactly as planned.  This, however, was a piece of cake! :)  I didn't measure or worry about being perfect at all!  I eyeballed the center of the strip and sewed a line down it.  Once I hit the end of the strip, I just pushed it through, about to the point my silver plate ended.  (like how exact that is?)  It really doesn't matter.  Then start the next strip.  ***DON'T FORGET to leave about 12" of thread at the start for hanging it up!

Here's a close up.  You can see that the gaps in between the strips aren't all the same width...but I can tell you, no one but you will notice! :)

All of them hanging up.  I really liked all the different lengths.   The tutorial I had used said to put a fishing weight on the bottom to keep them from curling up.  I did not do this and had no curling.  I think this was because I used cardstock and she had used vellum.  If you use something thin, you may need to do it!

And my favorite shot...looking up from underneath it!
If you make one...please link it up!  I'd love to see it!  Tomorrow...a rainbow jello tutorial!

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Jessica said...

What a creative idea. My DD 5th birthday is coming up, cupcake theme with pastel colors. I might have to try this out.