Saturday, November 26, 2011

School Portait Solution

This is my newest Punky Sprout album using the new Teenie Beanie Sprout.  I used the blue and pink Authentique lines to do a book for my kids' school portraits.  I never knew what to do with a stay-at-home-mom, it seems they are always with me, so I don't even keep a copy in my wallet! :)  We have the current year's picture on the wall but this way we can look back and see them grow!  I decided to do it by grade instead of that I could see what each kid looked like at the same age.

I wanted to keep this super simple because I know the kids will want to flip through it a lot and I just felt that I wanted the focus to be the portraits.  Since the paper is pretty busy, I kept the embellishments to just the numbers and a little punched strip.  The numbers for each grade are from Bella Blvd and are white.  I used my Copic Markers to color them.  On each one, I used 3 different shades and blended them together.  This was my first time using Copics and I have to say that I now know why so many people are addicted! :)

 The Lil' Petal banner pieces are some of my favorite Punky embellishments but they were much too large for me to spell out school on the cover of this little album.  I learned this little trick from Punky owner Shelly!

Take the bottom tip of the triangle and fold it up to the top.

Cut along each side of the folded up triangle.

Then cut the remaining diamond in half.

You just made one banner piece into 4 mini banners!

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Carly said...

Love this! What a great album and idea to keep those pics! My kids would love this too!