Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Working Hard!

Haven't posted in a few days but I have been scrapping away! I have to finish 24 layouts for Isaac's preschool by May 16th and just started those! It is really 2 different layouts, just 12 times each and with different pictures! I have all the pictures cut for the pajama day layouts. I think it will be a good thing to do during American Idol tonight!
I am also working on a design team contest. I have all the ideas in my head of what I want to do. Some of it started and none of it finished! I am a procrastinator though and there are still almost 2 weeks left til it is due. I work best under pressure so in 10 days I'll do my best work! =)

1 comment:

Erica Hettwer said...

Hee! I thought I was the only last minute scrapper!!! :D