Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't forget...

This coming from a former teacher! LOL! Teaching 6th grade meant I didn't get anything from my students...guess they didn't appreciate me (until later...more in a minute!). But the PTA always had some goodies as did the principal and vp usually! This is one of 2 gifts we are giving Isaac's preschool teachers! I made this one and he'll make the other! (We haven't quite made it yet!) I got this idea from Noel Joy. The little sayings with the flourishes are her designs. Sorry about the quality of the picture...it is midnight so no great light! I am always rushing to get Isaac out the door so I didn't want to wait until morning to take the pictures and of course I just finished making them! =)

So, about my 6th graders not appreciating until later...I just got a letter from an old student who is about to graduate from high school! She just said she was writing to some of her favorite teachers that had made an impact in her life! WOW! I had her in my class in 2001...September 11! That year Tadd and I went to NY in December and I had my kids make a poster for the firemen/policemen. I folded it up in my suitcase. One day in NY we were going to find a firehouse to deliver it to and after eating lunch we saw a firetruck in Times Square just sitting there and people getting their picture taken with the firemen. I delivered the poster right there and took pictures of them holding it up. They had tears and so did we! All the onlookers couldn't believe it had come "all the way" from Oregon! Anyway, the reason I mention this, is the student who wrote me the letter mentioned what a cool thing that was! You always wonder what (if anything) sticks in their 12-year-old head! Glad to know something did!

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noel joy said...

oh i love how yours turned out! love the tages on the colored cardstock. very cool.