Tuesday, September 2, 2008

4 Days Until "Come Play Eugene!"

I couldn't be more excited! This is an event hosted by CocoaDaisy. They do it quarterly but this is the first one I will actually be able to attend! One of the very cool things about it is Ali Edwards will be there! WoooHoooo! After taking her class at CKC in March, I am super excited to see her again! She isn't actually teaching though. Jill is. We are making a mini album on heirlooms. So this morning I got the camera out, got the kids some books, opened all the blinds to take pictures of the piano, turn camera on...DEAD BATTERY! So, I am posting while it charges! Anyway, I just can't wait until Saturday! We are spending the night down there and then Sunday morning bright and early are going to the Coburg_Antique_Fair! I think I better give myself a budget! If you are in the area, and are interested, you can find the information here!

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