Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some Layouts

I did this layout for a contest over at CocoaDaisy. They gave the directions (here) with no pictures and you had to make the layout! Harder than I thought but fun!
This layout was for the Sketchbook Olympics. This was the first week's layout...Cycling. We had to use circles and dot paper. This is one of my favorites that I have done lately! I love the colors! This week was rhythmic gymnastics and we had to use ribbon and swirls. I can't post it until they do though!

Thank you those of you who voted for me in the Craft Warehouse contest! The results are read on September 6th at each store. I won't be able to make it though...I will be scrapping with Ali Edwards! Pretty excited about it too! It is a CocoaDaisy event in Eugene! Also looking forward to meeting Tricia, Emily and Jill!

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