Monday, November 3, 2008

XC...almost over!

I missed my every other day post this weekend but it wasn't my fault! =) Tadd has been on the computer editing his movie for the xc awards banquet tonight! We (Isaac and I) drove down to Eugene for the state meet! Somehow the rain stopped and it was a gorgeous day! Tadd's boys were ranked 12th but got 8th! That was there goal from the beginning of the season! WooHoo Raiders! So tonight is officially the last day of xc stuff...the awards banquet! I am just excited that I get to wear my red heels! (see here!)
This is some more bazaar stuff. These are Christmas gift tags. I think I will sell them in packs of 10 for $3-4. I have a ton (I think 25 sets!) but I'll just show you my favorites!

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Alecia said...

These are SUPER CUTE!! Hope you do well at the Craft Fair!!!