Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Gift

Well, since we are STILL getting lots of snow, I have been very productive! This bag is for my cousin. We have a theme each year and our gifts follow that. This year's theme is sports. This bag is going to be a "Mom's Survival Bag" for sporting events. I have a little first aid kit, water bottle, hand sanitizer, chapstick, hand warmers, and toe warmers to put inside! This bag was surprisingly easy to make! And if you know me and my track record with sewing projects...that is saying something! I got the pattern for this in Karlee's etsy shop! Very easy instructions!
And a few pictures from our snow! Tadd and Isaac made this guy on Thursday!

And here he is on Saturday...we're not exactly sure how his head has not fallen off!


Megan said...

oober cute bag miss lynn. i so want to make one too!

phyco weather huh! i hope i can get out to buy out christmas food soon!yikes!

missusem said...

Love the idea of having a 'theme' for gifts :)..

Loads of hugs from Oslo :)