Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Snowman Today

Here is another picture of our snowman! This is this morning after getting dumped on all night. Of course, the snow didn't stop until about 4pm today so it has even more on it now!

Tadd measured this evening and we have between 15-16 inches! Unheard of in these parts! Tadd is right now getting dressed to go snowboard the road by our house! There is definitely enough snow and no cars! I best go watch this! Have a good night!

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Jessica said...

wasn't the snow here just CRAZY??? I almost can't believe we live in Oregon, and then another 2 inches last night? holy cow!!

Lynn, thank you so much for the lovely card and book mark you sent to me, I'm sorry I'm so behind on my THANK YOU's! you ROCK!

happy new year my friend!