Saturday, August 8, 2009

And we're off!

On Monday we are off for 5 days of camping with 29 high school kids! This is part of Tadd's XC team and this is the 8th year of doing this. We have no running water and it is just outhouses but let me just say...We eat well! Today was the Costco shopping trip. This is food for 40 people for 5 days! This is what it looks like!Tadd (my husband) is on the left, next to him is his assistant coach, the beautiful blonde is one of the runners and on the end is my dad...who comes because we need his Costco card!

Here we are in line with the 4 carts!

Tomorrow more of the runners come over to load up the U-Haul trailer that we rent to get everything down to camp. Monday morning, bright and early, we will take off for this year's adventure! Hopefully we won't have any hospital trips this year! :)

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