Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bo Bunny to the Rescue!

I hadn't realized how hard it would be to find NOT CUTE bugs! When making invitations for a boy's 6th birthday party "not cute" is definitely a requirement! :) I knew I had scored when I brought home this paper and he said "Gross" with a huge smile on his face! Way to go mom! (thanks Bo Bunny for not having cute bugs!) I wanted to use mostly my own supplies and not spend a fortune on these so they all are different so that I could use my stash! I started with a "Hop on over" message but couldn't put hop each time without running out of letters so we had crawl, creep, fly, jump, buzz, and hop. I also tend to spend too much time doing things so I went with a super simple design so that they wouldn't take hours and hours to make! :) The inside message I completely lifted from a blog that I don't know what it was now! Sorry!

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