Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Good News!

I am feeling so blessed this last week and a half...especially on the scrapbooking front!  :)  Today I had 2 happy emails!  One was from Scrapbook News and Review requesting one of my layouts.  And the other was requesting a mini album for the publication Create: Mini Albums.  I have been on cloud 9 all day!

Since my last post was text only I am adding in a layout that I haven't shown before!  This was the challenge Audra and I hosted for the Crowned challenge at Scrapdango.  We had Swimsuit week so the layout had to have Yellow, Polka Dots and reveal something about you.

My mom loved it! :)

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missusem said...

Lynn, heard your good news and wanted to come over to say congratulations :) :) You deserve it. I know how hard you've worked and am so glad you're reaping rewards!

Have a great weekend!