Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to School!

It is back to school time for the kids, my teacher husband and me!  What it means for me is the Back to School event at Scrapdango!  I was so excited for this, this year!  Last year, I was their design team coordinator and therefore couldn't play although making up the challenges is fun too! :)

So far, there have been 2 assignments due.  The first was the PE class.  We had to have an action photo, a circle and show movement.  Extra Credit was to use the word team (which I did not do).

The second class was Math.  We had to have a visual triangle (my 3 photos), an actual triangle (my banner) and extra credit was to use another shape (circle).

And in case you are wondering...I gave up on the 30 Days of Photos.  September is just not the month for me to try something like that...I'm not sure what I was thinking! :)  When things calm down a there isn't soccer or xc every night...I'll probably try again!

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